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Your request will be posted online and added to our Sunday Bulletin for a period of 4 may re-submit as often as you wish.
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Prayer requests will remain on the List for four weeks...unless removal is requested, and may be re-submitted as often as needed. Those marked with an “ * ” will remain on the list until asked to be removed.

Prayer List...

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7
Rock Springs
United Methodist Church
227 Church View Drive - Kingsport, Tn. 37664

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Prayer List
Regina Shelton*
James Crumley* - (June Gray)
Tammy & Abby Higgins - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Carla Higgins - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Kim Steadman - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Kelly Nelson & Family - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Bennie & Carole Carroll - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Aaron & Christine - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Allie, Emily, Meghan & Lilly Carroll - Health & Well-being (Jerry Higgins)
Jonathan Light - Health & Peace - (Carolyn Light)
The Hart Family - On their Loss - Susie & Kip Larson
Stanley & Bea Hite - Healing - Mark Adcox
Health & Healing for Ken Nichols - Marijane Nichols
Gladeth Galloway - Healing - The Ramsey Family
Bert & Linda Carter - Health & Well-being
Buddy Butler - Health & Well-being - April Butler
Lovenia Light - Health - Carolyn Light
Harriet Fernstrom - Healing & Peace - Kip & Susie Larson
Pat Mimick—Health & Well-being—Ed Cleek
Our Church Family—Health & Well-being— Brenda Forbes
Carolyn Light—Speedy Recovery from surgery—Katthi Kost
Meredith, Brittany & Jocelyn—Strength and Peace in their sorrow
Sharon Hite Family—On the loss of her father —RSUMC family
Marilyn & Clayton Hall—Health & Well-being—Ed Cleek
Michael Davis—Good Health—Nikki Davis
Shirley Moore—Healing—Peggy Hughes
Gladeth Galloway—Healing—The Ramsey Family
Jonathan Henry—Health & Healing—Brenda & Eddie Forbes
Ruth Henry—Brenda & Eddie Forbes
Tammy Higgins—Health & Well-being—Brenda & Eddie Forbes
Eddie Forbes—Health & Well-being- Brenda & Bella Forbes
Pastor Mack Turner—Prayers in challenging times
Jon Light—Health & Well-being—Carolyn Light
Charlotte—Travel mercies—Tammy Higgins
Healthy response to testing and TIPS procedure—Tammy Higgins
Martha Martin family—Health and Well-being—Peggy Hughes
Judy Roberts—Health and Healing—LaDonna Compton